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Business models and the labour market are constantly changing: new technologies, innovation processes, increasing digitalisation and demographic change are increasing the demands and challenges for companies, for employers and employees.

External consulting and further training courses are important instruments for adapting to these changes, for looking beyond what is already known, for receiving and developing new impulses and for bringing employees to a common level of knowledge and competence. In this way, the function, target achievement and future viability of companies can be promoted. Employees can acquire further qualifications and increase their employment and career opportunities.

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, consulting and further training courses often mean a financial burden. The European Union, the German federal government and the German federal state governements therefore support the involvement of qualified consulting companies and recognised training providers by assuming part of the costs under certain conditions.

Benefit from state governmental support measures and bring yourself and your company forward!

Consultancy Funding

Consultancy Funding
For many years we have been consulting companies of all kinds and work with a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. In 2020 we have provided the required proof of quality at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), had ourselves registered and received a BAFA-ID.

This opens for you the way to government-funded consulting at favourable conditions: The BAFA funds qualified conceptual management consultancy for German small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers in questions of entrepreneurial know-how with up to 50%–90% of the consultancy costs. The aim is to increase the competitiveness and performance of small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers and to secure jobs.

The funding programme "Promotion of entrepreneurial know-how" ("Förderung unternehmerischen Know-hows") combines the previous programmes "Promotion of entrepreneurial know-how through management consultancy", "Start-up Coaching Germany", "Turn-Around Consulting" and "Round Table". It is aimed at companies that have already been founded.

This programme cannot subsidise consulting services prior to founding a company. However, the German federal state governments do offer subsidies for consultancy costs and/or free start-up consultancy for the pre-foundation phase.

More information on the programme:  » Promotion of entrepreneurial know‑how

Further Training Funding

Further Training Funding

Further training courses are the key to advancement and success in professional life. We work with a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and, as a recognized provider of further training, we support promotional measures for our customers right from the start.


This allows you to benefit from governement-funded vocational further training courses at favourable conditions: The German federal government and the German federal state governments support qualified further training courses for German small and medium-sized companies, freelancers, self-employed persons, employees, employees on parental leave and those returning to work by means of various subsidies with up to 50% of the further training costs. Short-time work can also be subsidised. For example through the federal Further Education Premium (Bildungsprämie), the Further Education Cheque NRW (Bildungsscheck NRW) or the Support Programme for Specialized Courses BaWü (Förderprogramm Fachkurse BaWü). Other German federal states have also set up corresponding support programmes.


The aim of these programmes is to deepen or supplement professional knowledge, to continually adapt to constantly changing requirements, to maintain and increase professional opportunities, to prepare for new professional tasks and to reduce the risk of unemployment.


Example: Informations about the » Federal Further Education Premium

Example: Information about the » Further Education Cheque NRW

Example: Informations about the » Support Programme for Specialized Courses BaWü

We help you to increase your qualifications, your performance and your competitiveness. We would be happy to discuss your individual funding options with you.

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